Do you need assistance or get in touch with us?

read carefully what is written below to be able to correctly direct you to the assistance channel that best suits your needs:

For general questions or assistance during the purchase, please contact us via direct on our instagram page @notforresale_italia
We do not respond to information relating to orders already placed.

For information on the status of the order before contacting us to ask for shipping information, in order to streamline messages and improve our assistance, we ask you to carefully read our dedicated section on delivery times at the following link:

For technical assistance on your order you can contact us via whatsapp on +39 3889846549 (we do not answer calls).

Assistance is active from Monday to Friday from 9:00 to 17:30, response times vary, so please send 1 message and wait for an answer.

Messages sent over the weekend will be read on the following Monday.